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We build the sun indoors

Large or small, tall or short, wide or narrow our construction technoligy allows extraordinary flexibility. This enables us to meet your needs and build what you want, were you want with speed efficiency and reliability. 

Our greenhouses are used for all applications including propagation, flower growing, produce farming, hydroponic and nurseries. 

We have had over 15 years of experience in the greenhouse design and construction. 

Invent design air is no longer trapped, but is vaccumed out. The combination of solarweave and plastic allows the air to flow out from both sides from either direction. The invent greenhouse design allows you to keep the vents open even in the windiest conditions. This design is for the Australian climate. 


PATENT NO. 2002224644

110 Cattai Ridge Rd, Glenorie NSW 2157


phone: 9652 2229

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